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Centro de Apoyo Comunitario provides services to the immigrant community in Delaware County to promote equity, support, and leadership. Our programs build on community strength and knowledge of the Latin American community while providing emotional health, social support and access to services.

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Our Team.

Our Promoters:

Centro's promoter team provides psychosocial support and expert knowledge of the community to help families with acute needs and help newly arrived immigrants settle in. They are true community leaders who live and work in the surrounding area and are experts in culturally sensitive approaches to issues. Often the first call a family will make is to a trusted promoter which allows Centro to provide rapid outreach and education.

David Ancker, Board Member.jpeg

David Anker

Board Member

Marisabel Isel, Founding Board Member.jpeg

Marisabel Isel

Founding Board Member

Layla de Luria, Executive Director.jpeg

Layla de Luria

Executive Director

Emilio Buitrago, Board Member.jpeg

Emilio Buitrago

Board Member

Emmy Lascarro, Founding Member.jpeg

Emmy Lascarro

Founding Member

Sara Lydon, Board Member.jpeg

Sara Lydon

Board Member

Milay Galvez, Board Member.jpeg

Milay Galvez

Board Member

Matilde Lopez-Ramos, Vice President of the Board of Directors.jpeg

Matilde Lopez-Ramos

VP of the Board of Directors

Doris E. Tirado, MD. Board Member & Treasurer.jpeg

Doris E. Tirado, MD.

Board Member & Treasurer




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