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Centro is dedicated to serving our community by providing a range of essential services and support to help families thrive. Our Center is designed to ease the transition for newcomers, offering assistance in accessing vital services, navigating the education system, and empowering families with knowledge of their rights in a culturally appropriate manner. We encourage the community to learn more about our programs and reach out because together, we can work towards a stronger, more supportive future.

New Family Welcoming Center

Centro assists new families with help accessing services, and school, and providing know-your rights to ease the transition and provide culturally appropriate knowledge. 

Community Connections

We partner with groups and agencies around the area to provide expert guidance on program development and language access.

Emergency Assistance

As  resources are available we assist the community with basic needs. We ask that folks reach out as our resources vary.

Case Management and Referrals

Centro helps families navigate where to look for help and provides up to date information on how to access to service. Centro provides legal, medical, mental health and other referrals to a broad network of providers.

Social and Emotional Support

Our promoter team lives and works in the community and are a first stop for any families in need. Centro has a small team of mental health specialists who do assessment and referral for treatment of non-emergency situations.

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