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Bienvenidos al centro de apoyo comunitario

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

About us

Centro de Apoyo Comunitario, founded by local Latina immigrant women, nurtures the strong sense of community within Delaware County, Pennsylvania and its immigrant population. We strive to empower people to help those around them. Our community driven programming promotes the well-being of immigrants by developing leadership within the community that integrates, progresses, and develops both individuals and families culturally, economically, and socially.


Civic Life - Centro helps connect the community members to key projects to improve community and civic life. Past services included our tax and ITIN clinics and census 2020 outreach


Wellbeing - Centro provides programming that provides social and emotional support through our extended network of promoters. We also provide referrals and advocacy for emotional and physical healthcare needs.

Know your rights - Centro provides trainings and community events to help members of the community navigate complex issues. Past services included education on parent child separation, educational rights and landlord/tenant issues.

Emergency Relief - Centro was ready to act when the pandemic began and has provided emergency response to the community since that time. Past services included food distribution, housing relief and vaccine coordination.

Reach Out!

Send us your information below as well as a brief message about what you need help with and we will reach out!

We will be in contact shortly!
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